About us

Welcome to the website of Diamond Channel Trade Ltd. The aims of the company are the planning and installation of sewer systems, municipal waste water treatment plants, industrial waste water treatment technologies along with the planning of drinking water treatment technologies with the cooperation of mainly Hungarian and partially that of other European countries.

The owner director of the company is Dr. Dwlat Dahash Ali, a member of the Iraqi Businessman Union, who is present in the Iraqi economical life with very serious professional and economical background and successes. The owner - through his European enterprise - tries for the winning and realization of such environmental projects that might improve the standard of living of the Iraqi citizens.


Diamond Channel Trade Kft.
address: 1056 Budapest, Belgrád rakpart 3-4. IV/1.
phone: +36 1 789 0827
e-mail: info@diamond.eu
website: www.diamondchannel.eu